Embracing The Green Life

Embracing The Green Life

Every day we all have new things and tasks that need to be taken care of. Oftentimes, these tasks come with a lot of stress and require some energy on our end to ensure everything gets taken care of the right way. The problem is, our bodies constantly change and adapt to what’s going on due to change of sleep patterns, imperfect diet and other factors that seriously reflect in our daily lives.

Regardless of how skeptical you are of supplements for energy and focus (that many believe can be achieved naturally), you can’t ignore the fact that the natural abilities of our bodies are easily shifted when you take vegetables and a consistent diet out of the equation.

It’s not exactly that eating greens turns you into a superhuman but if you have a basic understanding of nutrition, you know that nutrients carried by these plants are undeniably essential for our daily routines.

Just take a look at these 4 Ways the Greens can improve your day:

  1. No Constipation / Bloated Mornings - Even if you don’t experience this in full effect every single day, you know how much it sucks on the days you do. Why? Because you most likely ate like crap the day before or maybe for a few days in a row, which means your body wasn’t able to process all of the food and it’s still laying around, marinating in your guts🤢
  2. Easier Start - Waking up fresher and tackling your day can be hard sometimes, but it’s even harder without having the diet in place and getting the necessary nutrients to carry you through the drowsiness and tiredness whenever you wake up! There are plenty of people who don’t drink coffee and we understand! However, leafy greens like kale and spinach have plenty of vitamins that promote natural energy to help you get up and get after it in the morning! ⚡️
  3. Getting It All - This isn’t just about the mornings, we’re taking every single meal you consume into consideration. Even when you eat clean, you don’t always eat the right portions. If you don’t consume a good amount of greens, your body doesn’t have the necessary nutrients to aid the digestive process, meaning your food isn’t getting broken down the way it should and the nutrients you’re hoping to get out of it aren’t being digested.🍎
  4. Germs Are Everywhere - Some say our immune systems are strong enough to fight off the bacteria. It’s definitely not a false statement, but think about this: The More You workout - the stronger you get, meaning you can lift more and more weights. Without aiding and fueling up our immune system with the proper nutrients, it’s only going to be so strong, making you more vulnerable to bacteria and germs. Greens are an inalienable part of the daily ration that provides the nutrients to strengthen our immune system!🦠

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