This Shield Will Protect You.

October 16, 2021

This Shield Will Protect You.

Warrior Greens Core 4 Greens Shield

The Warrior Greens Core 4 Greens Shield is comprised of clinically dosed superfoods and probiotics so you can turbocharge your immune system, recovery, and finally weaponize your body.

✅ 300mg Spinach

✅ 1000mg Spirulina

✅ 300mg Kale

✅ 50mg Matcha

✅ 100mg Green Tea

✅ 100mg Goji Berry

✅ 100mg Blueberry



✅ 100mg Camu-Camu

✅ 300mg Pineapple

✅ 800mg Watermelon

✅ 300mg Cranberry

✅ 100mg Tart Cherry

✅ 1475mg Coconut Water

✅ 100mg Rasberry

✅ 20mg Probiotics


All natural, Super Food Cocktail that engages your body's natural immunity and protection response. In short, Warrior Greens combined with a sound nutrition and exercise protocol will make you HARDER TO KILL.

Activate your CORE 4 GREENS SHIELD through taking WARRIOR GREENS consistently, daily activity, rest, and recovery.

Nobody else is coming to protect you.

It's your responsibility.

Honor your body by committing to living the WARRIORS WAY the simplest form of the game. Take your daily Green Smoothie to the next level with Warrior Greens.

Superfoods so you can finally perform like a Super Human.

Activate Shield.
Activate Life.
Activate Performance.
Activate Results.

No more excuses.

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