Supercharge Your Smoothie | Simple Hacks

Supercharge Your Smoothie | Simple Hacks

Smoothies and shakes are convenient. Let’s be honest, when you’re on the go and roll out of your bed knowing that you’ve got a long day ahead of you, the last thing you want to do is cook breakfast. Besides, most of us don’t have the time in the morning nor the discipline to give up the precious hour of sleep and get up earlier to cook. If you do, kudos to you, we were wrong about you..

However, we’re not throwing shade or pointing out anything except for the cold facts. That’s why getting a blender and stocking up on essential ingredients is what many of us rely on in the morning before rushing out of the house. There is nothing wrong with making smoothies, in fact they’re great and serve their purpose with providing the nutrients your body needs to jumpstart the day. However, many stick to the basic recipes they might’ve seen online and that leads to being stuck in the same routine that might not be nearly as nutritious as you think, resulting in making you feel bloated and simply upsetting your stomach.


We’ve combined a list of our Top 5 Superfoods to add to your daily Shake that will undoubtedly make you feel the difference!

  1. Matcha - One of the widely known and used additions for your shake, all for the right reasons. Matcha is an antioxidant that’s typically found in green tea and there is lots of evidence supporting the fact that it protects liver, promotes heart health and even plays a role in weight loss!
  2. Camu Camu - Works in defense against many infections including some of the most common ones like cold, eye conditions, chronic fatigue and other various conditions all of us are vulnerable to. 
  3. Goji - Classified as superfood, this Goji Berry has been proven to support the immune system, reduce risk of cancer, improve skin, protect the eyes and the list goes on and on and on.. Definitely a very worthy addition to your morning goodness!
  4. Broccoli - Not something you might’ve considered as an ingredient for your shake but believe us, it will actually be a game-changer. For one, if you’re the person struggling to get it down because of its taste, putting it in a shake won’t affect the taste as much as you think so it might be a more convenient way to up your broccoli intake because it seriously does carry amazing qualities and is very rich in antioxidants / nutrients.
  5. Tart Cherry - One of the most overlooked superfoods and it’s a shame since this one has an impressive nutritional profile. Not only does it support the immune system, it supports recovery, improves memory and aids sleep along with other practical qualities that will carry on with you through the entire day.

Now, getting all of these ingredients might be a hustle for some people, especially the ones who are looking to eliminate the nutritional gaps “on the budget”, which is why we created an alternative - Warrior Greens. We’ve included all of those ingredients among numerous other superfoods to complete  your smoothie like never before, all within the same scoop! 

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