Don’t LIke Broccoli? - Let Us Change Your Mind!

September 15, 2020

Don’t LIke Broccoli? - Let Us Change Your Mind!

It’s no secret that you probably had to force broccoli down or most times, just swiped it aside on your plate in hopes your parents don’t see it! The truth is - broccoli is one of the vegetables carrying a seriously impressive nutritional profile that makes you forget you don’t even like it!

Not only is it high in fiber, VERY high in Vitamin C, B6, A and potassium, it’s also packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants. We realize that you might not be fully familiar with those, so let us help you understand a bit better why it’s such an important factor! 

Phytochemicals are the chemicals that are found in plants and are responsible for things like  smells, taste & color and on top of that are extremely helpful with other numerous health benefits.

Antioxidants are chemicals that help our bodies limit and battle the free radicals that can damage cells, DNA and play big parts in heart diseases, cancer or diabetes! The antioxidants are often rich and can be acquired through common foods and vitamins. Broccoli is one of the superfoods that carries complete profiles and really can help with prevention of various conditions & health improvements such as:

  • Improved Bone Health
  • Reduced Risk of Cancer
  • Boosting Immune System
  • Improving Skin Health
  • Improving Digestion
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes
  • Improving Cardiovascular Health

Despite the endless recipes to make broccoli taste the way you like it, not everybody has time to dedicate to the preparation process, which is a huge turning point for many people!

That’s why Broccoli is one of the active ingredients you will find in WARRIOR GREENS, among many other antioxidant & phytochemical-packed superfoods that are proven to improve digestion, immune system and gut health along with the other health benefits listed above!

Consider this next time you want to put it aside on your plate - it won’t hurt ya

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