Answer This and ?!

Answer This and ?!

Asking yourself powerful questions is by far the fastest way to level up.

Today I will pose one simple question that has the ability to untether you from your current self imposed limitations.

Let's crash through that glass ceiling you have created.

The mind can be our biggest asset or our biggest obstacle.

It all depends on what input we allow in, what our perception of situations is, and what our current state of mind is.

All of those things are in your control, you just have to be intentional about it.

Powerful questions are the most efficient way to see where you are at, and to become aware of what obstacles are creating the most resistance.

So, if you want to get more clear and focused just answer this:

"What story or belief is holding me back from becoming the most efficient weaponized version of myself?"

Just pick the biggest obstacle.

Awareness precedes change.

So once you see what the problem is, you can't unsee it.

You can start to dismantle it by applying more questions and then acting intentionally to replace that limiting belief with one that gasses you up.

Do The Work and see what's possible.

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